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Energy-efficient Rehabilitation of #95 Kindergarten in Tbilisi Municipality

Detailed rehabilitation and modernization of Kindergarten #95 in Tbilisi Municipality with renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies. Project envisioned restoration of existing building with integrated micro energy system equipped with solar collectors for water, geothermal pumps, photovoltaic, energy-efficient boiler, water harvesting and grey water recycling systems and renovation of building envelope to reduce GHG emissions and provide a pilot for further measures to be taken by Tbilisi Municipality in accordance to its' SEAP.


Project:Project funded by Tbilisi city Hall's LEPL Tbilisi Technological Development Fund
Location: Tbilisi
Year of Completion:2016
Implementation Period:5 months
Customer: LEPL Tbilisi Technological Development Fund

Kolkheti National Park

Proximity of project area to the Black Sea Coast dictated terms to be acknowledged in the building: high levels of moisture and salt content in the air posed a risk not only to a quality of living inside the buildings but increased requirements for protection of facade. To address this situation highly insulated building envelope of sandwich panels was employed. To secure exterior vacuum-pressure treated timber cladding was additionally protected by natural oil finish. Buildings are equipped with solar collectors for hot water and PV panels for electricity production.


ProjectAdministrative and Visitors' buildings of Kolkheti National Park
Year of Completion2006
Construction Period9 months
CustomerICZM, World Bank
Unique FeaturesUse of renewable energy, energy efficient building envelope, high durability of exterior