Helping to make buildings fit for the future through designing and implementing new energy-efficient construction
New Technology Center is committed to helping state, commercial and private entities in designing, engineering and constructing state-of-the-art buildings ensuring cost-efficiency of project from proficient planning at the initial stage to supervision during implementation and launch stages.

New Technology Center

During the planning and building of New Technology Center, company used innovative building technologies and green architecture principles.

Much attention was given to secondary usage of the building materials. Natural ventilation and solar illumination are maximally used in the building. The center is equipped with rain water collection system through green roofs and treatment of waste water that ensures independency of building from central water supply.

In order to reach high insulation levels the building is equipped with systems of isolation panels and ventilated facades.

With the aim of reducing energy dependence of the New Technology Center renewable energy technologies such as wind generators, solar tubes and solar energy collectors are used.


ProjectNew Technology Center
LocationDavid Aghmashenebeli Alley, 15th km, Tbilisi
Year of Completion2010
Construction Period11 months
CustomerNew Technology Center LLC
Unique FeaturesSustainable architecture and innovative engineering technologies

Bird Ringing Base

Project involved construction of the bird ringing base in the remote location on the swamped ground of Kolkheti National Park. To meet restrictions of National Park on environment retention Pin Foundation was used to give a strong support for a building on a swampland. Same environmental restrictions and purpose of the building did not allow connection to the grid so photovoltaic system was used to receive electricity. Building is also equipped with water treatment system.


ProjectBird Ringing Base
LocationVillage Anaklia
Year of Completion2006
Construction Period120 days
CustomerICZM, World Bank
Unique FeaturesPin foundation, solar panels for electricity and hot water

Complex of Diplomatic Center

Complex of diplomatic center involved construction of residential and recreational buildings suitable to accommodate foreign guests of the capital providing them with comfortable housing and amenities in the village built according to European standards.


ProjectComplex of Diplomatic Center
LocationManglisi Village
Year of Completion2007
Construction Period10 months
CustomerManglisi Diplomatic Center
Unique FeaturesFirst wood frame housing with energy e¬fficient building envelope in Georgia

Autonomous Building - Dog Shelter

With the terrain being swamped and nonexistence of the nearby service lines, connection of the services to the object was related with the significant costs. Therefore the only alternative was to create autonomous energy and water sources (solar water heating, photovoltaic elements, Wetland) in the complex and use it with maximum efficiency.


ProjectDog Shelter
LocationLisi Lake, Tbilisi
Year of Completion2011
Construction Period45 days
CustomerDog Organization Georgia
Unique FeaturesAutonomous supply of energy and water

Kolkheti National Park

Proximity of project area to the Black Sea Coast dictated terms to be acknowledged in the building: high levels of moisture and salt content in the air posed a risk not only to a quality of living inside the buildings but increased requirements for protection of facade. To address this situation highly insulated building envelope of sandwich panels was employed. To secure exterior vacuum-pressure treated timber cladding was additionally protected by natural oil finish. Buildings are equipped with solar collectors for hot water and PV panels for electricity production.


ProjectAdministrative and Visitors’ buildings of Kolkheti National Park
Year of Completion2006
Construction Period9 months
CustomerICZM, World Bank
Unique FeaturesUse of renewable energy, energy e¬fficient building envelope, high durability of exterior

Multifunctional Community Center

Construction of Multifunctional Community Center building was accomplished by beneficiaries of IDP Settlement through hands-on training that aimed to provide them with skills to participate in construction and further maintenance of their own houses. 300 sq.m.2 building of community center represents a result of the training.


ProjectMultifunctional Community Center
LocationIDP Settlement, Gori
Year of Completion2009
Construction Period90 days
Unique FeaturesConstructed by the IDP-s

Residential House in Tbilisi

Architectural project of the residential house involved filling concrete openings with masonry and cladding it with wood. After inquiring Wood Service for the supply of wood cladding the developer of the project was offered an obvious improvement that implied replacing 40 cm masonry with wood cladding to an insulated wall panel of 20 cm thickness. Such a solution enabled developer to gain additional spaces for sale providing income that fully covered costs of producing and installing the panels while keeping the original exterior concept.


ProjectResidential House on Abuladze str.
Year of Completion2007
Construction Period75 days
Unique FeaturesInsulated wall panels

Housing Settlement of Internally Displaced Persons in Gori

The project involved construction of 300 houses for internally displaced persons in 180 days. Due to such a short period of time roofs had to be produced parallel to other construction works. Nail plate connected roof trusses were produced at factory providing advantage in meeting strict deadlines.


ProjectIDP Settlement
Year of Completion2009
Construction Period180 days
Unique FeaturesSeismically stable and energy efficient prefabricated roofing

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