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New Technology Center provides Feasibility studies that are crucial during the early development of any project and form a vital component in the business or project development process. Our feasibility studies enable organizations to assess the viability, cost and benefits of projects before financial resources are allocated. They also provide independent project assessment and enhance project credibility.

Long-Term Construction Activities (till 2030) For Building Sector in Georgia and Determining Energy Efficiency Activities in Accordance to EU Standards

Document represents list of possible long term energy efficiency activities for Georgia for harmonization with EU requirements and definition of framework of long term program document terms and conditions. Composed by an expert of NTC on request of low emission development project - “Winrock international”, contractor organization “Remisia”. The work consists of four chapters, first two chapters have abstractive characteristics and highlights two general topics: a) Energy efficiency Commitments of Georgia into the European Union Association context; b) Review of Georgian building sector. Third chapter review the modern energy-efficient technologies and their possible implementation ways for Georgia. Fourth chapter covers opportunities of energy efficient technological zoning of Georgia, general content is presented in forms of diagrams, tables and maps. Based on these characteristic recommendations and conclusions have been presented, that must act as the foundation for defining long term strategic document.

Energy Expense Reduction Opportunities for Walls and Garden Lighting System of Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe

In October 2015, analysis of energy expense reduction opportunities was conducted by NTC under order of Remissia on the project for walls and garden LED lighting system of Rabati Castle in Akhaltsikhe. The list of activities is as follows: Analysis of existing lighting system, planning location points for individual elements of lighting systems, backlight simulation modeling of Rabati Castle and other buildings, resolution of a task determined by modeling while using new energy efficient LED luminaires and comparative economic analysis of existing and offered lighting systems.

The Project Proposal for the Full and Energy Efficient Restoration Programme of Municipal Buildings in Tbilisi City

The aim of the project was to prepare a long-term plan for the full and energy-efficient restoration of buildings in the Tbilisi municipality and detailed outline of conceptual framework for the single pilot group. Municipal buildings covered in the project include kindergartens, arts and sports academies administrative and other buildings. From the listed building types, kindergarten buildings were selected as the pilot group. The project proposal determines the volume and typology of works, budget, the construction management methodology, possible sources of financing; identification of possible barriers and favorable conditions for the project realization.

Analysis of Brownfields for Tbilisi City Hall Property Management Department

Document represents experts’ conclusion that is composed with the purpose of defining feasibility stages and directions of research for capabilities of the transformation, regulation according to modern eco design principles, empowerment with energy efficient features and representation as certified green buildings or settlements of degraded land in Tbilisi and its neighborhood areas. The document is prepared upon request of USAID grantee Winrock International. Three land areas that were presented to USAID grantee Winrock International by Tbilisi City Hall Property Management Department are investigated in the document.

Preliminary Expert Study of Feasibility of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) for Georgian Construction Sector

For greenhouse gas reduction in Georgia, nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA) strategies and activities shall be executed, this paper represents pre‐research evaluations, conclusions, and recommendations for future research methodology for the construction sector. The work is performed with financial support of German Government’s International Climate Initiative (‐climate‐ ordered by the company Ecofys ( and non‐governmental organization Remissia (

Detailed Feasibility Assessment of Pilot Biomass Plant in Tbilisi and Complete Feasibility Study for Installing Biomass Boilers in Tbilisi Municipal Facilities

Work is prepared on the request of UNDP Tbilisi office by specialists of New Technology Center to determine feasibility of biomass production and utilization in Tbilisi municipality. Document is comprised of 9 chapters that provide detailed information on viable biomass types, research of biomass sources, description of biofuel production and utilization technologies, production scenarios for efficient conversion of biomass into fuel for Tbilisi municipality through mechanical and chemical transformation.

Authorized by Economic Affairs Office of Tbilisi City Hall opportunities for use of energy from converted biomass in preschool education establishments under subordination of Tbilisi Municipality were assessed. Legal and technological barriers of using biofuel in these establishments are discussed.