Committed to design life enhancing, genuinely sustainable architecture
New Technology Center helps developers, architects and builders create more environmentally sensitive structures and settings while taking into account importance of architectural aesthetics, comfortable living and working environment and cost-efficiency of building project. We provide architectural design services from inception and feasibility stages through detailed design, construction information, site supervision, to completion and post occupancy.

Architectural and Engineering Project of Energy-Efficient Restoration Of Kindergarten #95 in Tbilisi

Work represents energy-efficient improvement project of building of Kindergarten #95 owned by Tbilisi city municipality. Document was prepared by specialists of Dagenbach Landscapes and New Technology Center. Work is based on activities planned in Sustainable Energy Action Plan in the field of building sector that are aimed at reduction of electricity consumption, increase of energy-efficiency in hot water supply systems, decrease of heat distribution losses in municipal buildings, efficient accounting and reduction of natural gas distribution losses. Exceptional attention is paid to minimizing of energy consumption of building.

Design of New Green Kindergarten in Akhaltsikhe

Company has developed a design of new kindergarten building for Akhaltsikhe municipality. Building project was developed in such a manner so that it serves the purposes of consistently improving the learning and working environment for children, teachers, and staff while saving energy, protecting natural resources, and controlling the use of non-renewable products.

Kargareteli “Green Street” Concept in Tbilisi

Document represents Kargareteli street concept constructed by technology development fund of Tbilisi. This joint project is done by “New Technology Center” in co-operation with “Dagenbach Landscapes”, “Glasser und Dagenbach” and “Green Building Council of Georgia. The idea of organizing the green street represents a pilot project, that serves establishing “green living standards” in urban spaces and for achieving this goal, incremental improvement of urban environment whereby for the purposes of improving environment, principles of green engineering, architecture and biology shall be unified.